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To advance or help onward

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Ensure your planning efforts are focused and fruitful. Working with a skilled facilitator takes the pressure off of you, and offers you the opportunity to participate.

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Coaching & Training

Explore a constellation of topics important to you, and delve into facilitation training with Technology of Participation (ToP®) courses.

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Community Engagement

Listening to your constituents can transform how and what you focus on next. Consider gathering input using participatory processes as well as traditional methods.

What Clients Say

Carol Iwata

Clouds in Water Zen Center

Brigid was very attentive to the flow and mood of the group.


After our initial discussion of the areas where critical fiscal decisions needed to be made, she sensed that the group needed to take a different path to problem-solving than the one we’d initially laid out.

She adjusted the focus and process in the moment, working with me and the Board Chair to ensure we were still covering what was most important and that we arrived at key decisions.

Kate Mudge

Hamline Midway Coalition

Brigid was instrumental in guiding our organization's sense of purpose, scope, and focus. She kept us on track as we developed our vision of success, and gently probed our perceived challenges (including key actions we could implement to engage our community.)


Through innovative exercises and conversations, Brigid brought professionalism, enthusiasm, and direction to our meetings. 

Susan Clark

Her Voice Productions

Brigid truly knows what she is doing and more importantly, she is highly skilled at connecting with and bringing the best out of participants. 


She is very respectful, inclusive, kind, focused and calm. 

She gently keeps conversations on track, honors all time commitments and structures the work in a way that keeps participants engaged and focused.

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"Be transparent. Let's build a community that allows hard questions and honest conversations so we can stir up transformation in one another."
- Germany Kent

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